For Adoption

At the Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we strongly believe we add value to every horse – both their physical and emotional well being.

We take the risk out of buying at the sales for you because each horse that comes to us is given a great deal of time to be loved, handled and assessed. We never rush the process!

Unsound horses are retired at the sanctuary or if possible fostered or adopted as companions only.

All horses are adopted under lifetime contracts and adoption fees vary anywhere from $200 up to $1,500. Our adoption fees are based on the cost to bid to rescue a horse from a saleyard, plus general expenses incurred such as veterinary care, breaking in, transport etc. We are a non profit organisation therefore no profit is calculated at all into adoption fees.

Your adoption fee is a donation back to the Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary so that we may continue giving horses the life they deserve!

For more information on our adoption contracts, or enquiries for other horses available that may not be listed here, please contact us directly by email, contact form or phoning 0439 624 737.

Please also note that we have a number of horses listed under the ‘Rehabilitation’ tab that will become available for adoption – therefore expressions of interest are welcome.

Brulee – Companion

Brulee – was part of a large RSPCA seizure – a skinny un handled stallion, however, this little horse was just so handsome. Once rehabilitated he was started by Blair Ireland. Brulee is now back at Horse Shepherd Park with Chris Giles – he will be available as a companion only home. Brulee is approx 9-11 … Continue reading Brulee – Companion

Mr Peabody – Comapnion

Beautiful 15 yr old Mr Peabody has found a beautiful home with Mark and Veronica just in Feb 2017 – almost 12months after arriving at HSES . We just adore Mr Peabody – he was always the sweetest horse – arriving a stallion we gelded him and turned him out to settle and rebuild.  

Stevie Nicks – Companion

Stevie arrived from the saleyards with her beautiful foal Patches. A stunning mare – she is easy to handle once caught. Stevie would suit a retirement home as a companion.

HSES Starry

Beautiful Starry was one of the ‘Bulla’ rescues – now fully rehabilitated – this 15hh 5 year old THB Mare is educated and waiting for her new rider. Would suit any discipline however she does require an experienced rider to take her forward. We love Starry – she is super smart kind mare.