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Every donation will help us continue giving horses the life they deserve!

To provide sanctuary for horses in CRISIS

We are committed to improving the mental and physical well-being of every horse in our care, with the ultimate goal of finding them nurturing forever homes wherever possible.

Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary

Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary (HSES) was founded by passionate animal lovers and advocates in 2014, in response to an ever-increasing number of horses passing through the saleyards, and into the hands of knackeries.

The name was selected to pay homage to the brilliant protective work done by the Sea Shepherd, and to reflect our mission of providing sanctuary and solace to unwanted, injured, and otherwise vulnerable horses and ponies. We are a fully ACNC registered charity, and rely largely on funding from committee members, and a small number of sponsors, to continue our work.

The year 2016 was one of tremendous growth for HSES, commencing with the move to our new, 275 acre Sanctuary in Gordon, Victoria. This was promptly followed by the arrival of 113 horses as part of the largest RSPCA horse seizure in Australian history.

Then, in April 2016, HSES was again selected by the RSPCA to care for the tragic Bulla horses; horses that had suffered the most horrific neglect, and generated unprecedented public outrage.

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Our new rehabilitation equipment

A chilled salt water Equine Treadmill, Chilled saltwater Equine Spa and an Equine Solarium.

A huge thanks again to the Victorian State Government’s Community Support Fund.

Our goal is urgent, to build a sustainable Sanctuary model and this equipment is critical. In response to the financial challenges, donation dependent rescues including HSES faced in the past few years (Covid and reduced donations) the charity hopes to generate a secure base income stream – complementing your wonderful ongoing support.

While increasing our ability to provide ongoing rehabilitation of even more horses in need, we also expect that the equipment will help many horses in our broader equine communities heal and continue to lead happy fulfilled lives. We would love ALL horse disciplines to utilise the equipment on a fee paying arrangement – contributing at the same time to our sustainability as a Sanctuary. Management of the Sanctuary and equipment is operated by HSP Advanced Equine leveraging the expertise required to operate. HSP is also based here at Horse Shepherd Park.

This is our first funding grant and first substantial investment in infrastructure. We remain committed to 100% of your donations contributing directly to the animals of the Sanctuary – that is feed, vet, farrier and basic needs like rugs.

More than just Horse Rescue

Today, HSES is currently home to over 100 Horses and Ponies, along with many other rescue animals, including Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, Goats, Sheep, Cows, Ex-battery Hens, Geese, Ducks, Alpacas, Llamas, Turkeys… Even Peacocks!


Adopt a Horse

We take the risk out of buying at the sales for you because each horse that comes to us is given a great deal of time to be loved.



At Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary we take time with our horses to make sure we can find their “Furever” home.


Sponsor a Horse

Your sponsorship donation helps with the cost of care for horses requiring long-term rehabilitation including ongoing vet care.



The monthly sponsorship covers their basic costs such as feed, worming and farrier visits. Contact us for more information.

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Donate or Shop

As Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary is a registered charity, all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


In Memory

One of the toughest parts of rescue is the lives we lose. Each one takes a little piece of our heart with them.

Our Mission

We are committed to sustainable and ethical equine rescue and rehabilitation. We believe firmly in improving the physical and psychological well being of every animal that resides at HSES, along with actively lobbying and advocating for all companion animals. Each horse at HSES stays with us until we are confident that they are ready to be rehomed. Horses are extensively vetted and handled. We believe in investment in re-educating horses to help ensure excellent, forever homes, from basic ground work to ridden under saddle. Alternatively, some horses are assessed as needing sanctuary at HSES indefinitely, due to health or behavioural issues- perhaps our most famous `lifer` is Winston, a 40 year old thoroughbred gelding. It is our unrelenting mission at HSES is to provide the gold-standard in care to all of our residents, for life- a commitment protected by a lifetime adoption agreement, should they be rehomed.

HOW YOU CAN HELP HSES – as a registered charity we graciously accept financial donations. You or your workplace/organisation may also wish to sponsor a horse. Alternatively, you can create awareness by talking about our organisation, liking our Facebook page, visiting our website, or simply talking to your friends and family about current horse welfare issues.

Looking for Homes

At the Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we strongly believe we add value to every horse – both their physical and emotional well being.

We take the risk out of buying at the sales for you because each horse that comes to us is given a great deal of time to be loved, handled and assessed. We never rush the process!

Unsound horses are retired at the sanctuary or if possible fostered or adopted as companions only.

All horses are adopted under lifetime contracts and adoption fees vary anywhere from $200 up to $2,500. Our adoption fees are based on the cost to bid to rescue a horse from a saleyard, plus general expenses incurred such as veterinary care, breaking in, transport etc. We are a non profit organisation therefore no profit is calculated at all into adoption fees.

Your adoption fee is a donation back to the Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary so that we may continue giving horses the life they deserve!

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For Sponsorship

At The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we have a number of our animals available for Sponsorship. The majority are horses or ponies reflecting our focus however from time to time other animals in need find the peace of our Sanctuary.

Your sponsorship donation helps with the cost of care for horses requiring long-term rehabilitation including ongoing vet care etc as more often than not, the horse will have arrived in poor condition.

For those horses that are unsound or aged, (but with quality of life) and therefore not suited for adoption, are allowed to live out their days here at the Sanctuary. There are two ways you can help…

Guardian Sponsorships
Our Guardian sponsors choose to be with us for the long term. Their regular donation helps cover the monthly costs involved with caring for our residents.

Friends of HSES Sponsorships
Friends of HSES form a collective group, a tribe of people so to speak, with the common goal
of supporting one of our residents over a year.

HSES Newsletter

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We recently took part in a documentary about the Bulla Rescue and the steps we have taken to rehabilitate these beautiful horses.