At Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we offer the opportunity to sponsor one of our long term residents. The monthly sponsorship covers their basic costs such as feed, worming and farrier visits. Contact us for more information.

Audrey – Sponsored

HSES Audrey is one of our fabulous ‘Bulla’ Herd. Unfortunately HSES Audrey was returned to the Sanctuary after not very lady like behaviour. Audrey still reflects feed based aggression found at times in horses that have been severely malnourished. Audrey in a rush to get fed – connected and bit a lady carrying hay on … Continue reading Audrey – Sponsored

Party – Sponsored

HSES Party was an award winning dressage pony in his day, deserving of a restful retirement – now in his 20’s – with his best mate HSES Starlight. However, family structure breakdown resulted in forgotten ponies – left cold and malnourished Party had certainly lost his fun spirit. In full Fluffy Winter coat on arrival … Continue reading Party – Sponsored

Cookie Sponsored

Beautiful little Cookie is only 11hh high and would make a super companion pony.

Blue – Sponsored

There is no mare more stunning at HSES than Blue. This mare – we believe to be approximately 10-16 years old – was again at the meat processor following a sale. As stunning as Blue is – she has ripped her hind leg at some stage and it has taken a long time to heal. … Continue reading Blue – Sponsored

Shorty – Sponsored

HSES Shorty is a very tall 17hh THB Gelding with a racing name of Valley Mascot – although registered he had no races so no doubt Shorty felt that wasn’t his thing. Shorty arrived with an infected hind leg and just skin and bones. We asked for his surrender, owners were on the point of … Continue reading Shorty – Sponsored

Carter – Sponsored

Introducing ‘Carter’. A sweet girl but can be nervous and naughty. Carter isn’t fond of people although we are working hard on winning her trust. Carter is an old mare so we have decided she will live out her years at the sanctuary.   We would love a sponsor for this grumpy pony!     … Continue reading Carter – Sponsored

Danny – Sponsored

Danny was one of the first horses to arrive at Horse Shepherd – purchased from the sale yards by Anne – a little Rig – there was little interest at the sales but heaps of debate on social media. Danny arrived and very quickly lost his crown jewels. (expensively) HSES Danny was rehomed to keep a … Continue reading Danny – Sponsored

Miss Daisy – Sponsored

In December 2019 we were notified of a 28 yr old StandardBred mare at the Echuca sales however she had drawn attention and we were advised a safe home was bidding. Unfortunately as often happens that all fell through and we were notified by the Sales team she was still at the saleyard and needing … Continue reading Miss Daisy – Sponsored

Big Grey – Sponsored

One of two grey fillies saved by the RSPCA from the ‘Bulla’ case where 20+ horses starved to death in early 2016. Rehabilitated at HSES – Big Grey was in training however she is explosive under pressure therefore she has been retired to the Sanctuary. She is incredibly kind and beautiful. Big Grey is 16hh … Continue reading Big Grey – Sponsored

Issie – Retired

Introducing ‘Issie’. Issie is an aged Australian Riding Pony that was at the Echuca sales with a belly full of baby and a damaged eye in urgent need of attention, back in mid 2014. Bless her beautiful soul. Issie has since had her eye removed and her foal Mia was born at the Sanctuary in … Continue reading Issie – Retired

Possum – Sponsored

Possum found herself along with HSES Bear and HSES Lawson (most likely her sire) impounded by the local Shire. Unhandled, unwanted and in need of a place to go. Consequently she arrived with Bear and Lawson at the Sanctuary. Now handled the young filly is being given time to grow and mature before her education. … Continue reading Possum – Sponsored

Elvis – Sponsored

This little pony arrived within a truckload of stallions (11) and 3 mares! Owned by a hoarder, we know little of his background other than he is an older pony. At some stage he has ripped his muzzle open on a fence – and although healed, he carries the scars. And with a dodgy hip/stifle … Continue reading Elvis – Sponsored

Cello – Sponsored

  Our Beautiful HSES Cello found herself herded from her wild outback home into cattle trucks, and then into the saleyards at Shepperton.  We attended the sale as there was a large number of Donkeys present and we knew few buyers for unhandled grumpy feral donkeys.  We can tell you – these girls can bite … Continue reading Cello – Sponsored

HSES Tom Turkey

Glorious Tom rules the farmyard and has been known to chase the unsuspecting visitor from time to time! Tom has lived at the Sanctuary for 6 years now. We adore Tom and he spreads the word that Turkeys aren’t for eating. Sponsorsed! Thank you Robyn

Shaq – Retired/Sponsored

Introducing ‘Shaq’ – adoption Pending. Shaq is a big black 17 year old standardbred gelding, standing approximately 17.2hh – but is the most amazing gentle giant. Shaq was rescued from the Echuca saleyard back in July 2014 and has been a very special addition to the HSES family.


HSES Savanah has given us our fair share of sleepless nights. Arriving from the saleyards and staying a few days at Tongala Donkey Sanctuary before coming to HSES with her mum Kalihari – she ended up at Werribee Hospital with salmonella poisoning. Then once recovered and at approx 6 months of age, we discovered a … Continue reading Savannah

Curio – Retired/Sponsored

Introducing ‘Curio’. Curio is an appaloosa mare, purchased  from Echuca Horse Sales in late July 2015 and then surrendered to HSES. Curio is such a sweet girl and very easy to handle on the ground. We have suspicions that she has not been treated kindly in the past and has trust issues. Curio has been retired … Continue reading Curio – Retired/Sponsored


Quinn the Eskimo – Mighty Quinn …. is named after the great Bob Dylan song . The subject of the song is the arrival of the mighty Quinn who changes despair into joy and chaos into rest and attracts attention from the animals. One of the two Bulla foals – Quinn was weaned on arrival … Continue reading Quinn

Diva – Retired/Sponsored

When she arrived she was no Diva but we knew there was  a jewel inside that skinny fluffy exterior! Diva arrived in a truck load of little horses surrendered via another rescue . Diva is unsound with continuous sinus issues and we have decided its best that she remains at the Sanctuary – although she … Continue reading Diva – Retired/Sponsored

Yogi – Retired/Sponsored

HSES Yogi – too many dealers and too many poor trainers appeared to ruin this gentle giant. We were advised he was stunning however Yogi was very nervous and reactive. With grave concerns that Yogi would end up with doggers or another dealer – he was purchased from the dog pens at Echucca and surrendered … Continue reading Yogi – Retired/Sponsored