At Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary we take time with our horses to make sure we can find their “Furever” home. These lucky horses have found their humans and are currently adopted.

Red – Adopted

HSES ‘Red’. Red was surrendered to us in May 2015. She is a lovely sweet 20 year old quarterhorse mare. June 2015 UPDATE – Melissa and her children have adopted Red and provided him with the most amazing loving retirement.

Belle – Adopted

HSES ‘Belle’. Belle (registered name ‘Daheste’) is a 12yr old thoroughbred mare that was rescued from a dogger bid at Pakenham sales in early April 2015. Belle is a sweet mare that has sound basic liberty knowledge and understands ‘your space’. When she arrived she was under weight and under condition, and the thought was … Continue reading Belle – Adopted

Hana – Adopted

HSES ‘Hana’. The gorgeous Hana was an early resident at HSES – originating as a scared little pony from the saleyards – she grew in confidence while in foster with Lora. UPDATE – Beautiful little Hana has now been adopted by Sharon and family

Babe – Adopted

We would love a sponsor for Babe – a surrender from the RSPCA. Babe was a stallion until recently and has had serious damage (assume a kick) to his front teeth. We have decided to retire Babe to the sanctuary to continue his rehabilitation. A sponsor would really be appreciated! Babe babysitting! UPdate – Babe … Continue reading Babe – Adopted

Nacho – Adopted

HSES ‘Nacho’. Beautiful little Nacho was over looked at Echuca sales and ended up purchased, surrendered and safe at HSES! This beautiful little pony was unhandled and like so many dumped at the sales – very worried! UPDATE – Nacho has a super home with Christina and family.

Panda – Adopted

HSES ‘Panda’. Panda is an unhandled mini gelding whom is a bit of a character – naughty some might say! But terribly cute. Experienced Home Only. For more information on Panda, please use either the Contact form on the Contact page, alternatively please telephone 0439 624 737. UPDATE – If you follow our Facebook page, … Continue reading Panda – Adopted

News – Adopted

This super kind little horse is called News – he is now in training with Chris Giles. His name came from a feature on the plight of the ‘Bulla ‘ horses in which he featured. We can’t wait for News to find his forever owner – he is very kind and special. News is approx … Continue reading News – Adopted

Rodger- Adopted

We adore this beautiful gentle standardbred boy who was going to be shot. Arriving with his less confident buddy HSES Randy A huge thanks to Jane and Ella Robertson for your work with him and helping find the perfect home.

Little Taffy (now Gandolf)- Adopted

Such a sweet little man – dumped at the sale yards as an unhandled stallion – he had little prospects – however a kind person purchased Taffy and surrendered him to HSES for rehabilitation and rehoming. Taffy has a super new home  

Monty – Adopted

We adore HSES Monty a big goofy standie – who found himself waiting to go to be processed for meat. A kind soul purchased him from the meat man – and surrendered him to HSES. Now in training with Fiona Dearing – he will shortly be available for adoption and is available for inspection at … Continue reading Monty – Adopted

Lolly – Adopted

Surrendered to HSES as she no longer had a home – it took no time to find this pretty mare a companion home with a special goatie friend!

Queenie – Adopted

The beautiful Queenie was one of the poor Bulla horses – although amazingly Queenie arrived with a filly foal at foot. Unbelievable that she not only survive but she raised her foal. Queenie has a fabulous home along with Bulla and Zoomie. Now retired at Sally’s .

Alfie – Adopted

HSES  ‘Alfie’. Alfie is a gorgeous taffy mini gelding approximately 3 years old. He was secured by HSES with a winning bid at the Echuca Horse Sales in August 2015. He is has been with our foster carer Hayley who tells us he has been such an easy boy to handle in every way. May … Continue reading Alfie – Adopted

Comma – Adopted

This super little stb was waiting for the truck to the meat works when he was saved and surrendered to HSES. Comma loves a good canter and is a super quiet little horse. Comma has a super home as a trail riding horse.    

Takoda – Adopted

HSES ‘Takoda’. ‘Takoda’ means ‘friends with everyone’. Takoda is a stunning blue eyed 10 year old Tobiano x Paint who was surrendered to us in May. He had been with the same owners since birth so it was a very sad day for them and we feel blessed to have Takoda entrusted into our care. … Continue reading Takoda – Adopted

Flynn – Adopted

Its not hard to see why Flynn was a fav at the sale that day – including a beautiful heart on his forehead. However the only interest was the doggers – he was purchased and surrendered to HSES. We assessed him under saddle and he soon caught the eye of Lyndsey – who had recently … Continue reading Flynn – Adopted

Mindy – Adopted

Mindy was surrendered as she was very naughty – chasing her little owner down in the paddock. Typical naughty pony – Mindy just needed re-education and to learn who was boss. Mindy has a super home with a little girl ready to step up on her next pony!    

Jack – Adopted

HSES ‘ Jack’. The stunning older STB, Jack was surrendered to HSES as his trail riding days were over. UPDATE – We have been so lucky to find Jack a companion home with Liz and Pete. Jack looks so happy! Jack is pictured here on the right.

Clover and Ivy

Clover and Ivy – Adopted

HSES Clover and HSES Ivy were surrendered together in very poor condition, and are the best of friends. Clover‘s condition picked up much quicker than Ivy’s, so Clover was sent to Michelle for training and assessment. While Clover has been away, Ivy seemed quite lost, her weight gain slipped and now that Clover is back … Continue reading Clover and Ivy – Adopted

Flicka – adopted

Beautiful kind Flicka is a standardbred mare surplus to her industry. Surrendered to HSES she quickly adapted to life as a trail horse and found a fantastic new home.

Pink and Willow- Adopted

Beautiful Pink and her filly Willow have found a home with Judy who has a large Cremello and Palomino horse!  

Brumby – Adopted

HSES Brumby. Brumby was passed in at the Echuca sales, but was purchased afterwards and surrendered to HSES. We have been totally charmed by this young gelding’s personality! He has a huge personality. UPDATE – Brumby now has a super home with Sharon.

Bonnie – Adopted

Absolutely beautiful – adopted by Shelley and family. Bonnie came from the sales with her little foal Pixie. Surrendered to HSES – they became firm favourites! This little mares personality is perfect – and now educated she is doing a fantastic job taking care of Eliza.   Bonnie pictured below with her foal Pixie and … Continue reading Bonnie – Adopted

Dash – Adopted

HSES ‘Dash’. Dash was surrendered to us all the way from South Australia – and we knew it was pretty special when he pranced off the float. A stunning bay THB by Dash for Cash – despite his long float trip – looked as fresh as ever! UPDATE – We messaged Troy our eventing Farrier … Continue reading Dash – Adopted

Amber and Ruby – Adopted

Amber and Ruby arrived together from the dog pens at the saleyards – these aged mares only had meat buyers bidding so they were purchased and surrendered to HSES. We don’t know if they knew each other previously however they bonded on the float ride to HSES and remained at each others side. We were … Continue reading Amber and Ruby – Adopted

Rancher and Mae – Adopted

A stunning Quarterhorse with an unknown past and a little chubby bay mare from the sales fell in love when they came to Horse Shepherd. And as miracles go they were so lucky that Fiona and family adopted them together.

Joey – Adopted

HSES ‘Joey’. Joey was foaled in 2008. In 2014, HSES were asked to help a skinny standie gelding who was almost withdrawn from sale to be sent direct to the knackery, as he was so poor in his condition. It was only the persistence of HSES that day that kept him in the sale. Moved … Continue reading Joey – Adopted

Little Grey – Adopted

Another of the Bulla seizure – Little Grey is approx 14 hh and a very sweet mare. She will make a super pony club mount. Little Grey has found a super new home    

Fraggy – Adopted

HSES ‘Fraggy”. Dumped at the Echuca sales with a large abscess in his cheek – there was little interest other than the meat buyers for this sweet older horse. After arriving at HSES, Fraggy required rehabilitation. UPDATE – Fraggy is now in a super home as a companion for a chestnut THB.

Brulee – Sponsored

Brulee – was part of a large RSPCA seizure – a skinny un handled stallion, however, this little horse was just so handsome. Once rehabilitated he was started by Blair Ireland. Brulee is now back at Horse Shepherd Park with Chris Giles – he will be available as a companion only home. Brulee is approx 9-11 … Continue reading Brulee – Sponsored

HSES Thirty-Three – Adopted

HSES Thirty-three – a strange name that stuck at the sales. We could give you at least 33 reasons why you should consider this stunning 16hh THB mare!. Including a super sweet temperament, kind calm nature, beautiful stride. Stunning good looks, great doer, catches you in the paddock…. Adoption $1500 

Bloom – Adopted

Beautiful Bloom (Bay) pictured here with her best friend Shaq is sponsored by our great supporter Michelle. Michelle spotted her at Shepparton Meats and paid her release price so she could retire to HSES.

Hope – Adopted

HSES ‘Hope’. Hope was one of the original rescues from the Echuca sales. An aged beautiful stock horse mare – Hope was never meant to make the sales – we traced her owner and he had sent 5 horses direct to be processed, however, the knackery driver felt he could make more at the sales! UPDATE … Continue reading Hope – Adopted

Marley – Adopted

HSES Marley joined us for assessment and rehoming as her Dad is not well. Marley is a 16 yr old very sweet STB mare. Unraced and broken to saddle – she is going really well with Chris. Marley has joined HSVP Mums4Bubs program.  

Tonic and Bobs Adopted

We adore Tonic and his best friend HSES Bobs – Tonic arrived skin and bones and was to be PTS as he was not gaining any weight. We felt this striking 16hh THB deserved a second chance. After two rounds of ulcer treatment and a lot of hard feed 3x a day – we have … Continue reading Tonic and Bobs Adopted

Kudos – Adopted

HSES ‘Kudos’. This little club footed colt was unwanted at the Echuca sales – so luckily for Kudos – he was for rehabilitation. We owe Kudos a huge debt as Hayley fell for his charms and ended up on our Board as our treasurer! UPDATE – Kudos has now been adopted.

Mr Peabody – Adopted

Beautiful 15 yr old Mr Peabody has found a beautiful home with Mark and Veronica just in Feb 2017 – almost 12months after arriving at HSES . We just adore Mr Peabody – he was always the sweetest horse – arriving a stallion we gelded him and turned him out to settle and rebuild.  

Poppy – Adopted

Introducing “Poppy”. She is a beautiful 7 year old STB mare – trialled but unraced. Poppy is in training with Fiona Dearing,  Remote Coach – Hero accredited re-trainer. Poppy will soon be available for adoption. July 2017 UPDATE – Poppy was adopted on 2nd July, 2017.

Jag – Adopted

HSES ‘Jag’. Jag is a three year old standardbred that came to the Sanctuary after he was purchased by a sponsor from the Echuca Sales Yard on the 21st of January, 2015 . Jag has an outstanding temperament, a very soft natured sweet boy who shows much love and affection to all humans he comes in … Continue reading Jag – Adopted

Q – Adopted

HSES ‘Q’. Not the best looking horse at the sales, this young colt had a split ear, docked tail and a split down his roman nose. The powerful Q Horse and beautiful personality still stood out – outbidding the meat buyers – Q found his way to HSES. UPDATE – A young girl called Ruby … Continue reading Q – Adopted

Charlie Brown – Adopted

HSES ‘Charlie Brown’. Charlie Brown is a nine year old standardbred that came to the Sanctuary after being purchased from the Echuca Sales Yard on the 21st of January, 2015. Charlie Brown still had his race plates on and was very under condition when we found him at the yards. However, with rehabilitation it wasn’t long … Continue reading Charlie Brown – Adopted

Magic – Adopted

HSES ‘Magic’. Magic is an 8 year old solid burnt buckskin mare standing at approximately 15hh, who was surrendered to us in early May. Magic had never left her home but with mum being extremely ill with her future unknown, she asked us to take Magic, and two others – Red & Takoda to adopt … Continue reading Magic – Adopted

Al Capony – Adopted

HSES ‘Al Capony’. Al Capony was rescued from a dogger bid at Echuca in June 2015. He is a 7 year old grey welsh stallion and unbroken. What a magnificent looking boy with a temperament to match! Al Capony stayed at the Sanctuary for a period of time following his gelding, and to enable more handling, … Continue reading Al Capony – Adopted

Velvet – Adopted

HSES ‘Velvet’. Velvet arrived at the Sanctuary after a kind soul purchased her from the Echuca Saleyards in late May. Velvet is a Arab x Quarter horse bay mare with an approximate age in the mid teens. She stands at around 14hh and is broken to saddle. Such a sweet beautiful natured girl. UPDATE – … Continue reading Velvet – Adopted

Thomas – Adopted

HSES ‘Thomas’. Thomas (blue rug), is a super sweet companion gelding. This approximately 19 year old THB came to HSES via a RSPCA seizure. UPDATE – We were thrilled to find Thomas his new home. As can be seen here – he is super with the youngsters and is now a great paddock mate.

Bentley – Adopted

Bentley was part of a large RSPCA seizure – now in lovely condition – Bentley has been educated by Chris Giles. Bentley is available for adoption.   Bentley is a super little trail horse! Will go through anywhere. Bentley is green so needs an experienced rider – although he has a super quiet nature. A very … Continue reading Bentley – Adopted

Buttercup – Adopted

HSES ‘Buttercup’. Sweet little Buttercup is a 14 year old Paint x mare, approximately 13.2hh. Her sign at the recent Pakenham sales said she has not been ridden for many years, so Buttercup was sent out to a foster carer for lots of love, handling and rider assessability. UPDATE – Buttercup has now been adopted.

Hercules – Adopted

Oh my gosh – what a huge personality in a tiny body! Hercules arrived a bossy little stallion direct from the pound! Gelded, vaccinated and branded on arrival – he didn’t know if he had made the right decision to join HSES. However his luck had changed as a lovely young girl had spied him … Continue reading Hercules – Adopted

Victor – Adopted

HSES ‘Victor’. Victor is a mini stallion, 3 years old and approximately 8hh. Victor was surrendered to HSES in early August and spent time at the sanctuary where he was gelded, handled and loved before assessment. UPDATE – Little Victor now has a great home with John as a companion for his riding horse.

Lacey – Adopted

HSES ‘Lacey’. Lacey is a stunning 10 year old bay thoroughbred mare whom we secured a winning bid against a dealer and dogger at the Echuca Saleyard on the 8th of July, 2015. The auctioneer advised this mare was a bucker! Lacey came to us in great condition. UPDATE – Lacy is now living in … Continue reading Lacey – Adopted

Corey – Adopted

HSES ‘Corey’. Corey is a 6 year old grey standardbred, brother to our HSES Candy. Corey was on the ‘dogger’ list but we were fortunate enough to win his bid at the saleyards. UPDATE – Corey was in foster care with Christina however she fell in love with this rascal – who we later learnt … Continue reading Corey – Adopted

Stevie Nicks – Adopted

Stevie arrived from the saleyards with her beautiful foal Patches. A stunning mare – she is easy to handle once caught. Stevie would suit a retirement home as a companion.

Tricks – Adopted

HSES Tricks – raced as Fish and Tricks however some how he found himself stuck in a country pound. Surrendered to HSES where he was rehabilitated over a 12 month period. Tricks has spent time under saddle with Chris Giles and is available to a medium level rider. This 8 year old gelding is 16hh. Easy … Continue reading Tricks – Adopted

Starry – Adopted

Beautiful Starry was one of the ‘Bulla’ rescues – now fully rehabilitated – this 15hh 5 year old THB Mare is educated and waiting for her new rider. Would suit any discipline however she does require an experienced rider to take her forward. We love Starry – she is super smart kind mare. 

Flax – Adopted

Flax is only 18 months old and is currently under going education with Blair Ireland. Flax arrived with his mum as part of the herd of horses (the largest seizure in history) seized by the RSPCA in early 2016. Adopted

Destiny – Adopted

HSES ‘Destiny’. Destiny was sold via Echuca sales to a meat buyer and then purchased by a young lady. However Destiny, a THB twin who didn’t race, was not right for her new rider’s experience level. Destiny was surrendered to Horse Shepherd and we have taken our time with her.  Destiny was adopted and returned. … Continue reading Destiny – Adopted

Charm – Adopted

HSES ‘Charm’. Charm was purchased from the Pakenham sales, 2nd May 2015. She is approximately 7 yrs old, 12hh and an Australian Saddle Pony. May 2015 UPDATE – Charm was adopted on the 30th May, 2015.

Candy – Adopted

HSES ‘Candy’. Candy was saved from the Echuca Salesyard in June 2014 and came to live with us for a time, to enjoy being a ‘horse’ and to be rehabilitated, broken to saddle and in turn, ready for a forever home. Huge thanks to Rachel for educating Candy to saddle – a great job ! … Continue reading Candy – Adopted

Buddy – Adopted

HSES Buddy – not easy to catch Buddy is a naughty little boy – however, there is no dirt and we are very sure he has been broken to saddle previously. Once caught he is great. No issues saddling and with slight weight he is fine. We are yet to test with a child. Arriving … Continue reading Buddy – Adopted

Nicky – Adopted

Nicky raced as Eyes Wide – this 10 year old mare was part of the tragic ‘Bulla’ Herd seized in April 2016. Now she is fully rehabilitated. Although raced, she hasn’t had a lot of education and requires an experienced rider. Nicky is absolutely stunning. And we are thrilled she is now sponsored by Claudia.

Rio – Adopted

HSES ‘Rio’. Rio, yet another stunning thoroughbred that went through the Echuca Saleyards. with only dogger bidding. Brought and surrendered to HSES this boy is a strong powerful 16.1 Hh THB who raced as Red Rio. Rio loves to bash through the bush and for an experienced rider he would make an awesome trail horse. … Continue reading Rio – Adopted

Tommy – Adopted

Little Tommy was locked in a dog yard for 10 years – and on arrival this little stallion was so thin. However he was so thrilled to see other horses at last! Despite this Tommy had a super personality! Once gelded Tommy found a fantastic home with Bec and family.