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Handsome, if a little cranky, warmblood, Contango Beau, was the inspiration for our range of rescue candles. Beau’s previous owner, Jaimie, the late daughter of our Board member Sarah, died suddenly at age 25.

Jaimie, an avid vet student, was passionate about combating animal cruelty. We like to feel her spirit here at the sanctuary. Beau certainly makes his presence felt with his handsome head, big ears, and watchful eye on the food truck as it makes its rounds. He roams the paddock with Gilbert and Shorty, eagerly making his way to the fence when he senses a visitor arriving with carrots and apples.

Our rescue candles bring light and hope for the lost and lonely, the injured and sick, the recalcitrant and mischievous. They remind us that every end is a new beginning, that kindness is the ultimate connection, and we can all bring light into the world.

January was Jaimie’s birth month; she was a candle lover of note, and so we celebrate her life with our heavenly gardenia candle. Our candles are vegan-friendly and hand poured with love. This reusable matt black travel tin is 5 cm high and 8cm wide and will give you an approximate burn time of 35 hours. Celebrate life with our gardenia rescue candle.
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