Shorty – Sponsored

HSES Shorty is a very tall 17hh THB Gelding with a racing name of Valley Mascot – although registered he had no races so no doubt Shorty felt that wasn’t his thing.

Shorty arrived with an infected hind leg and just skin and bones. We asked for his surrender, owners were on the point of euthanasia – with ve attending. We were confident that we could restore his health and that there was nothing more sinister than a lack of appropriate nutrition for his large size.

HSES Shorty’s rehabilitation took some time but now he looks superb.  Somewhere along the way Shorty has learnt to rear under saddle (confirmed by previous owner) so has been retired to the Sanctuary. Shorty has the sweetest kindest nature and was a dream to bandage and attend to his leg. We would love a sponsor for HSES Shorty

City bound Maddy sponsors Shorty while her mum (Di ) has adopted Monty and Milly. What a great support!