Melodee – Retired/Sponsored

HSES ‘Melodee’.

We were alerted to a sweet mare at the recent Pakenham sales (mid June 2015) – noted as a 17 year old Anglo Arab mare that had yellow card endurance. Needless to say, we outbid yet another dealer to secure her safety with us at the Sanctuary.

Little did we know at the time, till later that evening when we were inundated with calls and messages, that this endurance mare is exceptionally bred by Warrawee Stud, and that her name is Warrawee Unchained Melodee ,who is actually 20 yrsrs old.

We now understand how impeccably bred Melodee is and what a very special and unique girl she is!

Melodee has been blessed with a lifetime adoption to remain at HSES donated by Merrilyn. Merrilyn recognised Melodee’s uniqueness and wanted to secure her for a lifetime at HSES where she will never have to see a saleyard again. We are truly grateful to Merrilyn for offering not only the adoption fee for Melodee but also a continued monthly donation to cover Melodee’s expenses.

An immense THANKYOU to Merrilyn.

Adopted July 2015