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Your sponsorship donation helps with the cost of care for horses requiring long-term rehabilitation

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Every donation will help us continue giving horses the life they deserve!

Animals for Sponsorship

At The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we have a number of our animals available for Sponsorship. The majority are horses or ponies reflecting our focus however from time to time other animals in need find the peace of our Sanctuary.

Your sponsorship donation helps with the cost of care for horses requiring long-term rehabilitation including ongoing vet care etc as more often than not, the horse will have arrived in poor condition.

For those horses that are unsound or aged, (but with quality of life) and therefore not suited for adoption, are allowed to live out their days here at the Sanctuary.

As a DGR* charity all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

We have two different sponsorship types…

Girl And Horses

Sponsorship Options

You can sponsor a horse long term or just make a contribution, click a below options to read more.

Option 1: Weekly Sponsorship

HSES Guardian

Our Guardian sponsors choose to be with us for the long term. Their regular donation helps cover the monthly costs involved with caring for our residents.

We like to think of these special folk as Guardian Angels. Their generosity allows us to keep so many safe from harm in this magical place.

Guardian Sponsors receive a personalised e-certificate as well as a six-monthly update. We also invite our Guardians to contact us to organise a visit to the Sanctuary at a mutually convenient time. Here, you can meet the horse or pony that has captured your heart.

Sponsorship costs vary from $15 – $25 per week depending on the animal and its needs.

HSES Walter

HSES Walter

A huge character HSES Walter is naughty at times and quite accurate with those back legs if things arent going his way. Although he also loves a pat and cuddle. Due to a few health issues and the bond he has built within our donkey herd - HSES Walter will remain here...

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HSES Banjo is a very lanky, very large THB Gelding. Banjo is a great example of the challenges of post racing THB's - poorly retrained if at all post racing - Banjo now requires an experienced rider - however those very riders are after younger horses that can go on...

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Become a HSES Guardian

15 + 1 =

Option 2: One-off Payment

Friends of HSES

Friends of HSES form a collective group, a tribe of people so to speak, with the common goal of supporting one of our residents over a year.

A Friends sponsorship is a one-off payment that pools together with donations from other like-minded individuals. Friends receive a personalised e-certificate . A Friends Sponsorship would make a wonderful gift for any animal lover.

Simply enter the name of the person you would like to gift this to as well as a personalised message, up to 80 words.

To find a friend and arrange a Sponsorship – please visit our shop.



A sweet shy stallion - Apollo arrived as part of the 24 colts and stallions in the infamous Warrick RSPCA seizure. We know nothing of his past.  Now gelded and taught the basics to make him safe for us to handle - HSES Apollo now lives happily in our herd. Apollo is...

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