HSES Savanah has given us our fair share of sleepless nights. Arriving from the saleyards and staying a few days at Tongala Donkey Sanctuary before coming to HSES with her mum Kalihari – she ended up at Werribee Hospital with salmonella poisoning. Then once recovered and at approx 6 months of age, we discovered a lump in her jaw!. Back to Werribee Hospital – where the wonderful surgeons operated, removed the lump and add a bit of bone from him. THEN at 12 months she had a paddock accident and broke her hind leg. After 3 months stabled with her mum – the cast was removed and we had a successful mend! With all this handling both Kahli and daughter Savannah have beautiful personalities …. not bad for the feral unhandled donkeys that arrived.

Thank you to Michelle – a long term supporter and sponsor. We really value your support.