One of the toughest parts of rescue is the lives we lose – whether in their sleep or when we need to help end suffering and pain. Each one takes a little piece of our heart with them.

Featured is old Molly – who came to us from the sale yards in a terrible condition. Unfortunately during rehabilitation she broke a hind leg and had to be PTS. Molly was one of HSES’s first rescues.

Rest in Peace our beautiful friends.



Biggie – RIP

Beautiful Biggie was one of the toughest horses we’ve loved, fighting a string of illnesses that remained undiagnosed – vets were unable to save her.   RIP 2019.

Maddie – RIP

Beautiful Madison or Maddie – Racing Name ‘Stroll in the Park’ – spent her life as a broodmare. When she could no longer conceive or was considered too old – she was sent to Echuca sale yards. Purchased by the meat processor, she ended up in holding pens at Shepparton Meats – however a kind … Continue reading Maddie – RIP

Winston – R.I.P

Introducing ‘Winston’. Winston is a thoroughbred gelding, approximately 30 years of age. He was surrendered to us by an elderly gentleman whom was unable to care for Winston anymore due to his aged ill heath. This lovely man has had Winston living with him for approximately 20 years! We are touched and grateful to this … Continue reading Winston – R.I.P

Brian R.I.P

Absolutely a gentleman – at 28yrs of age we helped Brian to pastures new.

William – RIP

Handsome William was acquired on the way home from the Pakenham sales – we were advised he was free or he was going to the next sales and there was not a lot of interest in a 20 year old THB’s. William was homed twice from HSES but became so difficult for his new owners … Continue reading William – RIP

Tori – RIP

Tori was surrendered with a “sore” leg however when we collected him it was clear he was in a grave state. X-rays revealed the infection in his leg had started to eat into his bones. Tori had struggled through the winter in intense pain. After a week of hugs, grooming, a dry warm stable, carrots, … Continue reading Tori – RIP

Pearl – R.I.P

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and Pearl’s tragic image in the dog pens at the saleyards spoke volumes. We were full at the time, however, we knew she needed our help. Purchased by a supporter and surrendered to HSES – Pearl was fostered by our treasurer and fully restored to … Continue reading Pearl – R.I.P

Zena – RIP

An absolute Sanctuary favourite – beautiful Zena was retired to HSES due to a serious leg issue from racing. Tragically on the 3oth January 2017 a vet x-ray revealed significant bone trauma that appeared to be cancer. Zena was suffering significant pain and we decided to ease her pain and help her leave this world. … Continue reading Zena – RIP

Skye – R.I.P

Skye is a very pretty young filly, (breeding yet to be confirmed), and was surrendered to HSES after being purchased at the Echuca Horse Sales in August 2015. We have allowed her to mature and she will be educated and available for adoption later in 2017. Sadly Skye broke her leg in a paddock accident at … Continue reading Skye – R.I.P