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HORSES of HSES - Episode 11. And he's a rascal - HSES Elvis. If anyone suffers little man syndrome around Horse Shepherd Park its Elvis!HSES Elvis arrived in a little herd of 13 mares and stallions - including HSES Diva, HSES Bits, HSES Bobs, HSES Hugo Boss, HSES Ed Sheeran, HSES Kylie, HSES Dani ..... malnourished and part of 20+ ponies and horses living on 5 acres. Our first task was to geld the boys - as an older stallion Elvis still has his moments, although largely he loves to play. HSES Elvis is the only animal to make an escape via our electric front gates. Provided the privilege of grazing the laneways with HSES Tinkerbelle he had clearly been watching the gate process! Seizing the opportunity with HSES Tinkerbelle he made a daring dash for our neighbouring state forest The Whipsticks! The fatal flaw in his plan to become a brumby - was choosing Tinkerbelle as his partner! Tinks doesn't run far for any man and is easily caught - giving Elvis no option but to return home. Fired from lane duties - he spends his days - herding his girls HSES Kylie, HSES Buffy, HSES Carter and the bigger girl HSES Possum. Previous escapades remain buried in his past - however inspection of his muzzle shows horrendous scars - as if caught in a barb fence - it certainly would have been painful on his sensitive muzzle. No surprise this aged rascal doesn't trust many and will remain the little boss at the sanctuary for the remainder of his days. We are so lucky that he is sponsored by Julie. ...
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HORSES of HSES - Episode 10. Continuing our theme of creating more awareness of 'Rescue' horses quality, versatility, and temperament. The first HSES flag bearer competitively was the stunning HSES Dash. HSES Dash was surrendered, purchased straight off the track to a rider unable to manage his sire "Dash for Cash's" typically strong personality. Committed to finding him a safe place where given the time he would find the experienced rider he needed - Dash was driven 9 hours from another state to HSES. Dash arrived with a massive WOW factor as he bounced off the float - big, bold and screaming here I am! Dash was a hot handful of energy.We sent a text to our eventing farrier Troy to say we had a horse he should consider - the answer was no. So we sent the photo below to Jen his partner, and the horse truck was on its way!. We have loved following the partnership between Troy and Dash as it has grown and led to the many successes already enjoyed. Last week we had the privilege of HSES Dash's company at Horse Shepherd Park while Troy and Jen were away (along with 2 equally precious Warmbloods). We really appreciated Troy's work as we had the pleasure of a very well behaved horse to care for. Matching horses to riders or carers capability is something we take very seriously - we haven't always got it right, and horses always retain the option to return to HSES. We also know that sometimes people find it hard to accept if our decision is that the horse/or pony they want isn't suitable. However when we get it right - its an absolute thrill! ...
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HORSES of HSES Episode 9. HSES Blackie. Following on from HSES Joey's episode - another image at the sales that pulls at our collective HSES heartstrings is the unhandled mares trying to protect their foals, often younger than you'd expect to see at the sales! We would often see at a later date the weaned and still unhandled mare return to the sales with no effort made to improve her, giving her at least a chance of finding a home. Equally horrible were the times we witnessed mares and older weanlings separately auctioned and then weaned at the sales. On the 9th December 2015 we observed 3 white pony mares, unhandled with very young foals at foot. With support from our sponsors they were purchased and soon arrived at HSES. There in this little group of 6 was a plain dusty looking filly foal we named HSES Blackie. (Her lucky mum HSES Millie has a super home with Di and HSES Monty - her story to come). HSES Blackie, was the least brave of the foals and consequently remained at HSES to continue her education.This weekend gone she was fantastic at her first show with her regular rider and friend Hayley. Her first trip away from Horse Shepherd Park, her first float ride and her first public outing. HSES Blackie took it all in her stride like a pro. We are determined to demonstrate the versatility, variety and value "Rescue" horses can be! HSES Blackie will continue with some further education, a few more outings and then she will be available for lease to a suitable home. ...
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Little HSES Bella is thriving and growing, with her foster mum HSES Tootie teaching her important life lessons every foal needs - like manners and respect. ...
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Thank you to the Ballan Pony Club for a super Gymkana today. With an impressive turnout in a typically cool and sunny Ballan day. We were advised almost 500 horses and ponies had entered for the day. So often we find people are surprised by the quality, temperament and versatility of many of our "rescues" and we are determined to help change that perception. Great horses and ponies end up in s#%t situations through no fault of their own. This week we will post the stories of HSES Blackie, HSES Starlight and HSES Seth, one story starting as a week old foal at Echuca saleyards, another as a foal born to a mare in a large RSPCA seizure and the last as our most recent rescue a bag of bones in a long cushings winter coat! And a massive thank you to the girl riders of Horse Shepherd Hailey, Holly and Sophie - you have worked very hard to present super ponies and horses on our behalf. THANK YOU. ...
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Winston gets his teeth done!

A very lucky Winston had a visit from Equine Dental Specialist Dr Paul yesterday. While our HSVP vets have done the majority of our dentals we appreciate Dr Paul’s expertise for the complex cases. The importance of good dental care can not be understated!

Fiona Dearing based at Horse Shepherd Park

We were thrilled when Fiona Dearing (Remote Coach) joined the HSES Board and even more excited that she is now basing her training at Horse Shepherd Park.

We try very hard to get it ‘right’ with rehoming our horses and matching rider/companion needs carefully so Fiona provides us training and on going coaching options in addition to those already provided by Chris Giles!

One Horse Rescue – Two Great trainers!