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Come and meet HSES Norman and HSES Cherish at our Open Day - Norman is our oldest resident at 35 years! With 2 hard feeds a day plus Poseidon EQ which supports both the digestive and immune systems, helping solve inflammation and immune challenges that are so common at this age. ...
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R.I.P beautiful HSES Granny goat. A real favourite at the Sanctuary she spent her days wandering the Sanctuary, and at times with the sheep herd. Unfortunately we had some works done yesterday that disturbed a snake near her favourite sleeping spot. We will truly miss you. ...
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Tickets to our Open Day on Saturday 1st May 2021 are now available on our Website. Tickets need to be pre purchased and numbers are limited. Tickets are a little different this time ..................Children 5-10 years are only $4each with under 5years free. Adults - prices range from $7 to $25. We couldn't decide - balancing our need to raise funds for rugs and the additional winter feed demands against our supporters ability to pay. So the choice is yours - pick the ticket that appeals to you. In the event of a postponement - tickets will carry over to the next date. ...
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Welcome little old man HSES Shimmer - recently purchased as a companion pony and for the granddaughter to learn about horse care. It soon became obvious that he was very underweight, potentially with medical issues and older than the 20 plus years. And largely deserving of the right to retire. So little HSES Raspberry has gone to be the companion and receive the handling she needs. And HSES Shimmer will receive the specialist aged care he needs. ...
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Winston gets his teeth done!

A very lucky Winston had a visit from Equine Dental Specialist Dr Paul yesterday. While our HSVP vets have done the majority of our dentals we appreciate Dr Paul’s expertise for the complex cases. The importance of good dental care can not be understated!

Fiona Dearing based at Horse Shepherd Park

We were thrilled when Fiona Dearing (Remote Coach) joined the HSES Board and even more excited that she is now basing her training at Horse Shepherd Park.

We try very hard to get it ‘right’ with rehoming our horses and matching rider/companion needs carefully so Fiona provides us training and on going coaching options in addition to those already provided by Chris Giles!

One Horse Rescue – Two Great trainers!