Our adoption day is approaching

HSES Jet, News, Rio and Little Grey and Marley are just 5 of the horses going through their paces at our Adoption day on Sunday noon until 3.30pm. We will be posting a roster of times for each horse shortly. Every horse is a ‘rescue’ and adopting allows us to focus on others in need. Also a fantastic opportunity to adopt a horse educated or retrained by Chris Giles.

Fun in the sun

HSES Babe and Elvis had a wonderful afternoon playing in the sun. Both old boys are lucky enough to have kind sponsors which enable them to live out their lives safe and secure at HSES. Sponsorship details can be found on our website. Horses sponsored are selected as they have little to no chance of finding homes – largely age and medical issues.
We have been busy preparing horses for Sunday’s Adoption day – we hope to see you there!

Winston Update

Winston update – Vet checked – heart beat 41, temp still up at 39.1 however stomach noise back to normal. Currently enjoying the sun with his best friend Ritchie.

Winston is feeling better

Last night we moved Ritchie and Winston to the hayshed beside the house so we could easily monitor him during the night and where it was quieter than the busy stable block. Ritchie thought he had landed in heaven! We are thrilled he has responded to the treatment however the vet will be here shortly to check him over again and reassess. We will never allow him to suffer but Winston has a will to live like no other horse we’ve met and we are confident he will tell us when he’s ready.

Winston is unwell

Our beautiful old boy Winston laid down today unwell. Tonight he is standing in a stable with his best friend Ritchie beside him. Vet checked and we are thinking a virus, Winnie is now medicated and comfortable. However, at his fabulous age of forty we know time is precious now.

Hugo Boss & Ed Sheeran Update

Little Hugo Boss and Ed Sheeran are progressing well with their lessons with Fiona. Typical little guys have no fear over the seesaw and through the snake pit! Both boys will be available to meet at our adoption day. They are familiar with living with big horses – and would make super little companion ponies.


Happy Horses Birthday

Happy Horses birthday!
Today, many breeds have comprehensive studbooks with brands that allow owners to catalogue and trace their horses breeding and date of birth… But this was not always the case! The universal horse’s birthdate, August 1, was brought in to standardise horse ages in thoroughbred racing when record-keeping practices weren’t so flash!
In modern times, it’s a handy day of celebration for horses and there are lots of horses, ponies and donkeys at HSES!! Although often our actual birthday is not known, we will be getting extra treats and scratches today. 

Thank you to our supporters

Huge thanks to Crafts for Paws Fundraising – these lovely kind ladies produce beautiful handicrafts for sale with the proceeds going to several Rescue groups. Please visit their page – there are some great items very reasonably priced.

Little HSES Elvis having his feet done. Elvis having a pedicure!! At some point in his past Elvis has ripped open his muzzle and under his jaw – you can see the scars in this photo. Elvis is the sponsored fur friend of Julie.

Marley is looking for a home

HSES Marley – is available for rehoming soon. 16 yr old trotter – broken to saddle. Marley hasn’t done a lot lately so does needs work to build her confidence. Marley is only at HSES as her DAD has serious health challenges – we wish him well.