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A few more snow photos - we will definitely need a rug fundraiser before next winter! ...

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What a beautiful fall of snow today - of course HSES Frankie decided to ruin his rug overnight! ...

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In the comments is a photo of the malnourished, wormy herd of ~100 Warryk horses that arrived at HSES over 4 and half years ago. In that sad herd were many in foal mares with foals at foot, as well as stallions and colts. A few remain at the Sanctuary today including HSES TeeCee, HSES Brulee, HSES Holly and HSES Apollo. A favourite is HSES TeeCee an older mare, dam of HSES Seth that just left for his new home.

We knew TeeCee's superb nature with people and Seth, would make her an ideal candidate as a foster mare. And look at her absolutely in love with 'her' foal.

HSES TeeCee was brought into lactation with hormones and little Tiny Tim carefully bonded on. Still today with this option many studs insist on wet mares, in some cases a mare that has lost a foal often though a mare purposely bred so at the right time her valueless foal can be swapped out for a more valuable stud foal. HSES Custard is in fact one of Victoria's largest stud's wastage foals.

We hope little by little we can show a more ethical option and our mares can contribute to their keep for the year.

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We were very excited to see HSES Seth leave for his new home this week. Leaving us to live with a very experienced home, and a lovely young rider. We will follow their progress at pony club and events with interest. ...

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Winston gets his teeth done!

A very lucky Winston had a visit from Equine Dental Specialist Dr Paul yesterday. While our HSVP vets have done the majority of our dentals we appreciate Dr Paul’s expertise for the complex cases. The importance of good dental care can not be understated!

Fiona Dearing based at Horse Shepherd Park

We were thrilled when Fiona Dearing (Remote Coach) joined the HSES Board and even more excited that she is now basing her training at Horse Shepherd Park.

We try very hard to get it ‘right’ with rehoming our horses and matching rider/companion needs carefully so Fiona provides us training and on going coaching options in addition to those already provided by Chris Giles!

One Horse Rescue – Two Great trainers!