Joey was foaled in 2008.

In 2014, HSES were asked to help a skinny standie gelding who was almost withdrawn from sale to be sent direct to the knackery, as he was so poor in his condition. It was only the persistence of HSES that day that kept him in the sale. Moved to the last row and with people drifting away there was no future for a tired, skinny gelding with a bloody face.

However, after many months in Leigh’s awesome foster care ,Joey is now sparkling and ready for someone to love forever. Joey was raced as Deanoman 31 times! We are sure he will now love a life of trail riding.


Joey is perfect to handle and is a big softie. He is broken to harness and is now broken to saddle by Chris Giles.

UPDATE – Joey has a super home with Lyndsey.