Holly – Sponsored

When we were part of Horse at Auctions Preview we imagined winning lotto and buying and saving a truck load of horses destined for processing.
In Feb 2016 we agreed to accept at Horse Shepherd the largest seizure of horses in the RSPCA’s history – mares, colts and stallions – most malnourished and most unhandled. Almost all running together. (The property also housed over 100 cats!).
Arriving in large horse transport trucks we felt over awed by the task ahead. Over the coming days they would all be vet checked, stallions and colts gelded (24) and mares scanned for pregnancy. Over the coming weeks we started the task of handling and assessing the horses. Then progressively a number of horses were sent to Project Hope and the Winged Horse.
In amongst the herd were a number of beautiful thoroughbreds – who were more malnourished than the brumby types. One of these beautiful mares was HSES Holly – a beautiful big thb mare who remains here at the Sanctuary with her best friend HSES Blue.

Sponsorship for Holly is only $25 per week or $100 per month.