For Sponsorship

At The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, we have a number of our animals available for Sponsorship. The majority are horses or ponies reflecting our focus however from time to time the odd farm animal finds itself needing the peace of our Sanctuary.

Generally, this means that the horse requires long-term rehabilitation including ongoing vet care etc as more often than not, the horse will have arrived in poor condition.

For those horses that we may find are unsound or aged, (but with quality of life)  and therefore not suited for adoption, are allowed to live out their days here at the Sanctuary.

Your sponsorship donation enables the Sanctuary to continue caring with all rehabilitation and ongoing lifetime costs for the horse ensuring a healthy, happy outcome.

Please take a look at our current horses listed below requiring Sponsorship.

Sponsorship ranges from $15 for ponies to $25 per week for horses. We love for you to make a time to come an meet your sponsor horse or pony.

If any ‘speak’ to you, please contact us using the form on the Contact page or alternatively, telephone on 0439 624 737.


Dear little HSES Moby has very few teeth and arrived skinny, tired and flat. Unfortunately he requires a mash feed morning and night to build and maintain weight, however luckily for Moby will get to live out his remaining years here at the Sanctuary. Not much bigger than Slinky the rescue dog, he has the … Continue reading Moby


Little HSES Buffy was born into the Greendale 16 herd and we suspect she is inbred. Buffy named as she looked like a Buffalo and struggled to hold her head up high. As she’s developed we buddied her up with HSES Carter and HSES Possum in a large paddock to get lots of exercise and … Continue reading Buffy