Our Beautiful HSES Cello found herself herded from her wild outback home into cattle trucks, and then into the saleyards at Shepperton.  We attended the sale as there was a large number of Donkeys present and we knew few buyers for unhandled grumpy feral donkeys.  We can tell you – these girls can bite and kick until you gain their trust – and then you have a friend for life. Old ranchers will tell you Donkeys never forget! Sponsorship cost is $50 per month

Donkeys were brought to Australia around 1866 for use as pack and haulage animals. Up until that point, the Australians had been using horses as their main mode of transportation. However, problems arose when the horses used in transportation began to become sickened by some of the native poisonous plants. When donkeys proved to be invulnerable to the plants that were making the horses sick, more donkeys were brought in. Escape was common because of the lack of fences, and there were reported herds of donkeys by the 1920s. In 1949, there were enough donkeys for them to officially be declared a pest.