HSES Trainers Challenge!

HSES Trainers Challenge – we are very excited to announce our May Winter Fundraiser. We are always searching for ways to cover our costs and at a recent Board meeting – we discussed a number of novel fundraising ideas and the first to launch is our “Trainers Challenge”.

Both resident Trainers Chris Giles and Fiona Dearing have generously donated their time and experience to train a Standardbred to saddle with all proceeds from their sales to be donated to the charity.

So please meet Rhiana and Flicka. Both mares have finished racing and have little commercial value after proving too slow on the track.

Rhiana is a rising 4 yr old dark Brown Mare and Flicka is a rising 8yr old Bay Mare.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide updates, photos, and training tips from Chris and Fiona.

The trainers have until August to train these mares for the HSES challenge which will include flatwork test, a small jump, and a Bushman’s trail ride challenge. After which they will be available to meet.