Cooper finds a new home

At Easter we were asked to help a tubby little cattle dog who was going to be shot. We refer all dogs to our friends at Homeless Hounds – however with such a busy holiday break -we accepted Cooper knowing we had experience with large working breeds. Now called Harvey – it didn’t take long for a perfect home to connect!

Yesterday we received this message from his new owner Annabel …….”Actually as Katie and I were approaching your area it was a cloudy day and we were so sad about Sparkler and we didn’t know what we were doing. Katie commented that there was a break in the clouds over to the left and some rays of sunshine were just over one small area. She said it must be gods fingers pointing! When we left your place and looked back they were still there and they were right over your place!!!

We believe every animal deserves the perfect home – it just takes time and care to find them.