How can you help!

At HSES we are worried, as the weather turns colder and days shorter the adoption of our horses and ponies becomes extremely challenging. We compete for homes with the doggers and dealers who have the opportunity to threaten to send “on the truck” those poor horses in their care and consequently a large number are purchased “to save”. We won’t start on the frugality of the removing horses from processing – there are always others we never see – just as worthy of life – filling the quota’s.

Every week we are approached to accept horses – the majority – impulse buys from the above! Often – unable to afford vet care, or un-handled and beyond the ‘savers’ capability or just not what I wanted!

We really need your help to help more. There are three things we dread….
1. PTS even though quality of life is no more.
2. Saying no to adoptees we don’t believe match a horse.
3. Saying no to surrenders.

We try extremely hard to manage without constant requests for donations but we are a charity and donations are our life blood.
We are always extremely appreciative of those who donate.

Other than donations…. How else can you help us…….?
We seek experienced foster carers especially for our yearlings and little ponies.
AND Our sponsorship program allows you to pick and support your very own HSES permanent resident by covering their basic costs. (not vet costs). Many of our sponsors visit and spend time with their HSES Buddies.