Adoption Day update

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our adoption day last week, and took the time to complete an expression of interest.
We take the time to match all horses with suitable homes, with the wellbeing of all horses (and their new owners!) being paramount. For this reason, we have decided to delay the adoption of Clover.
Clover and Ivy were surrendered together in very poor condition, and are the best of friends. Clover’s condition picked up much quicker than Ivy’s, so Clover was sent to Michelle for training and assessment. While Clover has been away, Ivy seemed quite lost, her weight gain slipped and now that Clover is back at HSES, the evident bond between these two ponies is unmistakable.
We have decided that Clover cannot be adopted until we are confident that Ivy has been fully rehabilitated. Once this occurs, we would love to see the girls adopted together. We’ve had some great homes apply to adopt Clover, and we sincerely regret that this may be a disappointment to some. However, we are committed to the ongoing health and wellbeing of these special ponies, who have already endured so much.
Thanks for your support and understanding- we will keep you posted!