Ritchie has more surgery planned…

Its not all Sunshine this week! Ritchie is a beautiful, 4yo off-the-track thoroughbred, who was surrendered to HSES last year as he was too slow. He’s now become Winston’s best mate. Over the past few months, Ritchie has been struggling with a nasty sinus infection. So far, a number of interventions including surgery and medication have failed to eradicate the infection.

Our vets operated again on Friday however have advised us that our options now are further surgery, or euthanasia. We truly believe that with his temperament, that a fit and healthy Ritchie could very well end up being someone’s best friend.

However they can not provide guarantees that further treatment will be successful, so we have made a very tough choice. He is so young and beautiful- to let him go now would devastate us all. We will attempt one more surgery. However we can not allow him to continue to suffer.
Please keep Ritchie in your thoughts and prayers…..16797985_1852230911718273_8584649216424668807_o