Zena is laid to rest at the sanctuary

Our beautiful sanctuary is flooded in sadness as today we lost a sanctuary favourite and permanent resident. Zena was a stunning young mare from Echuca saleyards – who clearly had an issue with her hind leg – we x-rayed and suspected ring bone. After going extremely lame over the weekend we re x-rayed today and our vets believe she had bone cancer. We could not see her suffer. Poor Josh her best mate the past few years is totally lost tonight.16300289_1841330906141607_3638712340965047297_o 16403371_1841328099475221_5879639714921212197_o 16403376_1841330909474940_2940556283378480900_o 16300348_1841331006141597_2655811364974904949_o 16252442_1841330956141602_3158452628606063566_o 16252411_1841330982808266_8600344947530286201_o 16422870_1841327316141966_6406423677621420071_o 16422921_1841331052808259_45583114042763552_o 16299649_1841330936141604_3657998809144731919_o 16252291_1841330966141601_6654594553834073538_o 16427425_1841330866141611_8562731605960708567_n