Savannah is looking for a new home!

Beautiful little Savannah is available as she is too forward for her current family. – From Shelley “She’s up to date with teeth, feet, worming and still in light work being ridden by the kids only in a walk in the round yard. Still a bit hesitant with picking up back feet. Doesn’t kick out but a bit nervy but getting better. Lunges on voice command. Just need to click her on to the next pace both under saddle and on lunge. Would stand tied up all day. Very easy soft mouth although does throw her head a bit under saddle. Easy doer. Only on a pony meal blend with lucerne and hay throughout the summer on top of the hard feed. Have started some desensitizing crossing tarps on the lunge and fully co operative. Can spin the lunge whip next to her and over your head and she just stands. Easy to catch and tack up. Very dominant with other ponies and has kicked out often at ponies but gets along good with the bigger breeds. Would make a gun pony club pony for a small youth intermediate rider if they put the time into her. Good ground manners with us. Would follow my ten year old off lead around the paddock for hours but takes a while to warm up to strangers. Would sell her soul for a carrot”.