Issy would like to thank her supporters

One of our permanent retiree’s at HSES is one very sweet Australian Riding pony mare. Issy aged in her 20’s roams one of the house paddocks at HSES. Issy came to HSES from the meat pens at Echuca saleyards, she was heavily pregnant with a swollen bulging eye. Issy was seen immediately by our vets and it was discovered she had a tumour behind her eye. Issy was placed on pain relief while we waited for her baby to be born, Issy produced the stunning Mia. When it was safe to operate Issy had her eye and tumour removed. (A huge thanks to the wonderful Sarah who picked up Issy’s vet bills) That was two years ago and Issy hasn’t looked back. A big thanks to Sandee who has started to sponsor Issy’s monthly care. If you would like to help by sponsoring one of our long term residents – please contact us – it allows us to help even more horses in need.