PANDAEMONIUM – This is my friend Danny – he’s older than me and can be a bit boring!

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But I don’t actually mind his chats – telling me all about his past. Danny is sooooo excited about his pending adoption. I actually feel a little sad but the humans say I’m too naughty to be adopted. I don’t think they understand that unless you feed me, I don’t want to be your friend. Actually, I don’t want to be your friend, even if you do have food. Can’t they tell from my ears? Sometimes, subtlety doesn’t work and I need to give a little nip or a kick! It’s fun to sneak up on them with a little bite and then run off. You get away with a lot when you’re so small and cute. Nobody believes my humans when they say I’m a naughty pony. They say you can’t teach an old pony new tricks but I hope Danny has learnt some little tricks from me… And perhaps one day we will catch up again or the humans will let me know how he is. . In the mean time I will keep on keeping things interesting around here.