Bulla Horses arrive at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary

An update on the Bulla horses, and a huge thank you to everyone involved – the volunteers at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary who were able to have the facilities and stables ready for immediate care, the girls at Horses at Auction – Preview (HAAP) team and Chris Giles – Equine Education, who are working here around the clock on colic watch since the seizure of the 23 Bulla horses on Monday. The 23 horses seized by the RSPCA and Victoria Police were transported to an equine facility operated by our registered charity; Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary.

Golden Plains Equine and Rosehill Veterinary practices were on hand to provide immediate care for the horses, who predominantly had body scores ranging between 0 and 1. Blood and faecal samples were also taken for analysis. All horses have been vaccinated and microchipped.

Measures were taken to prevent colicking, and the horses were placed on a strict feeding plan by the attending veterinarians. Three horses who were exhibiting signs of colic had more intensive examinations, and were administered intravenous fluids and appropriate analgesic and anti inflammatory medication, and monitored carefully. One of these colic cases, and another horse with lacerations on its hind legs, were immediately transferred to the equine hospital for further care.

The horse with colic is in a serious, but stable condition. Unfortunately the horse with lacerations, who was also severely emaciated, became recumbent in hospital and was euthanised on humane grounds. The following day, another of the colic horses was transferred to hospital due to the persistence of colic signs. This horse is now doing satisfactorily.

The remaining horses on the property are continuing to receive 24 hour care and monitoring by Horses At Auction – Preview (HAAP), a volunteer welfare group who facilitate the rehoming of horses out of livestock sale yards. Chris Giles – Equine Education is providing handling assistance and is overseeing the feeding regime of the horses in care.

A big thank you to Racing Victoria, Malua Racing, Freedman Racing, Cloud 9 Thoroughbreds and Chris Giles for their urgent transport of the horses from Bulla at late notice.

Late that evening Ian Miller and team from Hay and Straw delivered a truck load of grass hay!
Racing Victoria have committed to funding the ongoing veterinary care and feeding expenses of the horses. Collectively, RSPCA and Racing Victoria have received dozens of calls offering assistance, and will be working together over the coming weeks to ensure appropriate and suitable long term homes are found for these horses.

On behalf of the horses, we would like to thank the individuals and organisations for their generous offers of support, including Kelato Animal Health, Ranvet, and Horseland Ringwood for their very, very timely donation and delivery this afternoon of 23 rugs on this cold wet day.

Thank you to the amazing horse loving community who have opened their hearts with offers of homes, donations and services. We will keep you updated.