The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary Open Day

Held on Sunday 19th April. 2015.

A warm big THANKYOU to all our supporters that attended our very first Open Day at the Sanctuary on Sunday. We, the Team and our horses, met lots of wonderful new friends and are so grateful for the opportunity to show you our ‘home’.

The day was filled with wonder and awe, amazing talent, beautiful animals, glorious surroundings and wonderful people.

Our Open Day attracted approximately 65 people who delighted in learning more about the Shepherd and meeting all the horses and other animals. The Team enjoyed chatting, answering questions and opening up our world to you – sharing how The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary operates and the aim and outcome we wish to achieve for these ‘saved’ horses.

Through your generous donations we raised approximately $600 which will go directly to The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary to assist in the continuation of saving and rehabilitating horses. We believe the horses know and love that they are in a safe place and that’s only possible through your support.

Also donated to the Shepherd from a sweet little girl called Laila, was a lovely red pony size halter. Thankyou Laila, your gift is greatly appreciated.

The day provided also the opportunity to showcase many of our horses that are currently up for adoption and sponsorship. We sincerely thank those families that confirmed the foster of two horses, adoption of one horse and, as a special little extra, two little kittens from The Nine Lives Farm also found new homes.

We thankyou all for making such generous donations and for coming along to meet with the team and sharing your love with our horses.

We were all so fortunate to witness on display, Chris Giles working with his very talented horse ‘The Doc’. Our hearts filled with warmth when we watched in awe this unique team of man and horse working together. The love and respect that The Doc has for Chris, and vica versa, was evident and so majestic to watch.

Chris also worked with a lovely young boy Tristan on a Shepherd horse called Pokey – guiding Tristan in his quest to learn more about riding and how to work with Pokey.

Thankyou Chris, Jenna and The Doc, along with Wombat too, from the bottom of our hearts for making your long journey from your home to visit us for the day. For more information, Chris and Jenna can be contacted on0467 932 509.

Two of our horses up for adoption, Violet and Candy, were shown under saddle – displaying to us just how far both have come in their rehabilitation. We would like to thank Rachael for her continued support of the Shepherd and her time she has put into Candy in breaking her in and re-educating her to the level she is today. Also a very special thankyou to Rachael’s niece and Bridgette Curwen-Walker for showcasing these gorgeous girls.

Golden Plains Vet Practice were on hand, talking us through a horse assessment demonstration. Boy, did we learn a lot….. Thankyou dear Hope for being our model horse and to Simon and Alex, husband and wife team, for taking time out on a Sunday to share your extensive knowledge with us all.

We were also very blessed to have visit us Belinda, Heather and Michelle from Horses At Auction Preview (HAAP) team. Without these amazing ladies and their dedication, many a horse would not be saved from the salesyards and who would otherwise be destined for the knackery. The HAAP team attend the auctions to bid for people that are unable to attend the sales themselves. For more information in this amazing team, please visit their facebook page Horses At Auction – Preview. To have you visit today and see so many of your horses in various stages of rehabilitation was an absolute delight. Many of these horses would not be alive today without your wonderful team.

Also to join us was Louise O’Brien, Volunteer representative for Horses For Hope. What an amazing organisation that assists so many people, and inturn horses -sharing an amazing and truly unique experience in recovery. For further information on this organisation, please visit their website For more information on how we at the Shepherd are working with Horses For Hope, please visit our website and click on News tab. Thankyou Louise for coming along – it truly was a great pleasure to have you with us.

The day was brightened with the presence of the gorgeous Sophie from Rainy Day Rescue Inc. What a delight to have you with us Sophie – and for sharing to those in your world our Sanctuary. Your time in fund raising for organisations such as us is to be highly commended. Your love and spirit shines brightly. For further information on Rainy Day Rescue Inc, please visit their facebook page.

Also to spend the day with us discussing all things ‘rugs and rug repairs’ was Mandy from Giddiiup Rug Repairs. Thankyou Mandy. For more information, please contact Mandy on 0459 523 440.

We were so fortunate to have wonderful sponsors onboard for the day and these included:

The Haymarket – To Greg and Rachael, thankyou so kindly for the donation of the show bags, and use of the tent and barbeque.

Town and Country Farmer Magazine – To Wayne Jefferies, thankyou immensely for your generous donation of so many magazines to pop into our show bags. Your offer on Open Day for those that signed up for subscriptions to receive the full set of 2014 mags was very generous of you also. Again, thankyou. And for anyone interested in subscribing to Town and Country Farmer Magazine, please visit their website

Woofie Warmers – To Sandy, thankyou for not only attending our Open Day but also for donating an amount from each sale to The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary. Oh gosh, how cute are these warmers on the dogs? Just adorable. Woofie Warmers can be found on facebook.

Beanies In The Raw – To Anna, thankyou for your time, dedication and love that goes into making each beanie, completely individual and all from raw wool. Your beanies made with wool gifted from our rescue sheep were amazing! And thankyou for donating all proceeds of sales to us. Beanies In The Raw can be found on facebook.

And finally, the day would not have come together if not for the ‘team’ behind the scenes and to them, our thankyou is immense:


Anne Young (Founder)

Cryss Plummer-Lauwers

Hayley Mitchell

Emilly Moors-Chantry

Anna Kurz Rogers

Patrick Lauwers

James Young

Special thanks:

Kyle Young – thankyou for your help and assistance not only on the day but also day prior in working so hard at getting the grounds ready.

Deb Curwen-Walker – your dedication to The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary is priceless. You give of your time so freely to assist all the ponies in all the areas of their rehabilitation. We thankyou so much for all that you give.

Chris Simmonds – thankyou for your role as Safety Officer for the day. Thankyou Chris for donning the yellow jacket and keeping a safe eye on us all.

Warren Rapson – thankyou for your amazing, clever artwork in creating our new logo ready for the Open Day. We love it!

Our day was so special and we feel it was a genuinely ‘unique’ one with amazing experiences for each and everyone of us. We feel humbled by our visitors and again, the thanks from our hearts and those from our beloved horses, runs deep.

We look forward to holding another Open Day over the Summer months so please stay tuned.

Please visit our website for all up to date news and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warmest Regards

The Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary Team.